7. StreetLite
7. StreetLite

7. StreetLite

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A minimalist sandal built for road and leisure use. StreetLites are flexible with a responsive footbed that allows good ground communication. The sole is 8mm but behaves more like a thinner sole. The footbed is very grippy providing nonslip assurance while the outer sole has a good road oriented tread pattern keeping you nimble and fast.

Between the footbed and outersole is a dense foam midsole adding comfort.

The StreetLite has 3-way fully adjustable lacing which means you can find the perfect fit to suit your feet. Once tensioned the elasticated over-foot lacing never needs adjusting and you simply "slip on and go".  Give your feet the space they need.

A light lacing option is available on request at orders@t-rockets.co.za 

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